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Access to the mobile device raw gpx data for recorded tracks

Would you consider providing access to the raw gpx track data for tracks recorded on the mobile app.  I cant seem to find what elements are captured by myroute but I currently use another app to record the tracks as it includes elevation data.  I like to use this in something like GPX editor to see the profile and mark the view points.

If I download my tracks from myroute, there is no way to see the original timestamps or other data.  It just show coordinates.  I can get round this by using gpsmaster to insert the elevation  data but if it is recorded by myroute it woudl be less effort.

I have also tried uploading my gpx tracks recorded with other apps, where the gpx file contains timestamp, coordinates and elevation data but Myroute then only shows the track distance in the statistics and not the duration or other info.  It would be nice to have Myroute pick up the data.

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