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Automatically Add Fuel Stops to a route

Once I have created a route I would like to be able to automatically add fuel stops every x miles, so that I am not left with having to panic search for fuel.

It should find stops ideally on the route and if not near to it.   If there are no fuel stops at the x mile mark then the nearest earlier one should be added.

As a future enhancement it would be good to state what day the route is being done so that only open fuel stations are included!!

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That's half the fun of creating routes, finding those petrol stations, coffee stops, lunch stops, toilet breaks. All those are available in the "search POI's" too, so just select what you are looking for and using the route details (which includes miles) find them near where you want to stop\re-fuel.

I imagine the programming to automate this would be complicated enough even without adding the days the petrol stations would be open (and hours, and number of pumps if you have a big group, and toilet facilities etc etc). I always RING the petrol stations to check that info.

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I am planning a 1500mile trip where fuel is sparse, something like this will make life much easier.  If I was only planning a 200 mile trip with one fuel stop then no big deal. 

But it would be nice to be able to press a button and the stops get added/suggested.   Of course you can do it via the poi, and I am not suggesting that is removed only an optional feature which would make life easier.

Agree with Michaels comment:  Average fuel consumption could be added to profile information with a +/- preference for automatic fuel stops off route. Fuel stops could be added as a waypoint in a different colour (an extension of an idea I submitted a few minutes ago about different coloured waypoints). Its then up to the user to search for alternative POIs in the area to modify the waypoint to select preferred fuel supplier and to check opening times etc. I'm planning a couple of 2000-4000km trips in Europe over the summer and its one less thing to think about when creating the route.


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Hi Michael Rhys,

As a Gold Member you can add gas stations to your route through our POI-system. There is no automatic alternative to this, BikeRNick already discussed the difficulties of adding something like this. Our POI system is easy to use and should do the job!

Christian Orie

Customer Support

The POI system is easy to use no issues on that.   But the issue is that my bike has a small tank about 120miles.   So I need to refuel quite a lot.   Even if I add a point of interest manually there is nothing which tells me where I need to add another one (100 miles from the last one).   

I appreciate this is probably not that easy to do, but some form of indication of where I need to be looking for poi for fuel would be good, if you cannot provide the option to automatically add them.

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The issue is that on a long route there is no way of knowing where for example 200 miles from your last fuel stop is. You have to place random waypoints along the calculated route and then calculate the distance from the list of of waypoints using successive approximation to guess a location which is 200 miles from the last waypoint. As an extension of the idea (for those with large fuel tanks) from a safety point of view it would be a good idea to have suggested rest stops automatically calculated a certain distance or time from the last scheduled stop.


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I understand, i'll add the suggestion to our idea-box and discuss the possibilities with our programmers. I'll add a summary of this threat to it as well. 

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support 

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I totally agree with BikeRNick. I enjoy the planning process, it also helps you to familiarise yourself with your route. 

'Suggested rest stops' !!! Surely we are all capable of knowing when to take a rest.

But I cannot locate some POI's. I created a route. I know where 3 gas stations are but they do not come up in SEARCH POI. I wish I could manually add them. They have been where they are for at least 5 years! Any ideas?? 

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Like Michael my bike has only a 130 mile tank range. I'm in the process of planning 3 stages (cant seem to get them to link via ferries) of a 5000 mile trip up to Norway and Sweden this year. I'm having to plan the overall route then zoom in and follow the route to find petrol stations which I then select as a way point. Look at the mileage, subtract the last way point and decide if its within 130 miles. What would be useful as a possible solution would be to be able to display a circle around each or selected way points of an entered radius of so many miles or km. At least then I could get a rough idea were 130 miles would be from a petrol station to then zoom right in to look for a station either on the route or near to.

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