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Ability to change colour of waypoint markers

I would like the ability to change the colour of waypoint markers eg when planning a long multiday route I want to easily be able to make overnight stops green (or any other colour) instead of blue

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Thank you Borel!

We're currently experimenting with an opacity filter for our route/track-lines, which allows user to set the trans-parity from 1-100%. Hopefully we can roll out this version soon!

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any chance the trans-parity adjustment will be avail soon? i have the same issue with the solid black line. Its like having somebody draw on your map with a Sharpie!

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Hi Christian,

As a slightly related follow up to this, could the colour of the recommended track be made more translucent or in a lighter colour?  I find the current black route mark often covers the road numbers.  So, it is difficult to see what the actual road is under the black line of the recommended route.

Rgds - Borel

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your suggestion, it is noted. 

King regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support