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Importing Mapsource (+ Others) File Types

I've been sent a few routes that have been made in Garmin Mapsource, however, I cannot import these into MyRoute-app as the file type (.GDB) is not currently supported.

I had to eventually import the files via TYRE, convert the files to a different type (e.g. .GPX) then upload these to MyRoute-app

It seems that TYRE is able to handle a huge number of file types - many more than MyRoute-app currently does and I wondered if there are plans to support as many file types in MyRoute-app as TYRE currently does, especially as MyRoute-app is being heavily promoted as the replacement to TYRE?

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Even Garmin do not support GDB anymore, that's why we not develope this.

I appreciate that GDB is no longer supported, however, I was just pointing out that TYRE still includes the ability to import this and a whole host of other file formats whereas MyRoute-app doesn't include the same support. Surely if TYRE already supports importing both GDB and other file types, it would be possible to port this ability over to MyRoute-app, especially as MyRoute-app is the supposed successor to TYRE?

A lot of people in my community still use Mapsource, despite the withdrawal of support from Garmin themselves but without the ability to import the resulting GDB files, routes created using Mapsource can not be shared in the group.

Having cross-referenced the file types supported on both TYRE and MyRoute-app, the following is a comprehensive list of file types I've found that are available to open or import in TYRE but not MyRoute-app:


*.gpx *.csv      Garmin Files 

*.csv               Garmin POI Files

*.rte *.rt2         All OziExplorer Files

*.rte                OziExplorer Files

*.rt2                OziExplorer CE Files

*.rte *.freshroute    Navigon Files

*.xml               Medion XML Files

*.trp                 CoPilot Files


*.csv               Garmin POI Files

*.trk *.wpt         PCX5 Files

*.rte *.rt2 *.wpt *.plt     OziExplorer Files

*.mps *.gdb      Garmin MapSource Files

*.bcr                Marco Polo, Falk, MTP & OnRoute Files

*.rte *.freshroute         Navigon Files

*.trp                 CoPilot Files

Could you give some clarification over what file types from the above list you plan to either port or develop support for in MyRoute-app please if possible? It seems a very backwards approach from a user point of view that we have to continue to use TYRE simply for compatibility when MyRoute-app is being heavily pushed as the successor.

All I want to do is import my GPX files from Tyre to MyRoutes but cannot find out how to do this.

Routelab > Uploaden > Routebestand uploaden

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