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Biking or Driving, fastest or shortest questions

Having created a route I noticed swapping between 'driving' and 'biking' on MyRoute gives a different route. What's the difference?

There's also route differences between Google maps and the Here.maps. Does this affect the exported route?

I also noticed a route exported to my Garmin Zumo 360 is different when changing between fastest time and shortest distance on the exported route. 

Question is there a permutation of the available MyRoute options and Garmin options that provides an exact replica of the route I create in MyRoutes?


  1. Bike calculation is on Bike roads too.
  2. Yes, of course, every map has his own calculation
  3. Change the settings is cahnging the route

Use the Here map for the same route in your Garmin.
Settings always fastest route.
Even better, open the exported route in your Garmin as a routetrack.

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Thanks again Michel, 

I tried opening the exported route as a route track, as you suggest, which is a new procedure to me!

It seems to display on the Garmin OK, but I think, without the waypoints? 

I need to try it on the road!

Hi Eammon,

Have you tested the route already? If so i'm curious to here the results :)!

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

Customer Support

Hi Christian, 

I tried riding a route imported through 'Trip Planner' however the Garmin calculates a significantly different route to what I see on the 'Here' map or Google maps. 

I have imported through the Track and converting to a Trip on the Garmin, and this is a road by road exact copy of what I'd planned on MyRoute, but with out the waypoints.



Using Tracks typically creates 'Track points' instead of 'Way points'. I'm glad to hear that you've found a solution!

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Learning a bit more now... Instead of importing GPX 1.0 old format, I've imported Garmin GPX1.1 'new' format, which has previously given straight lining between way points, but this time I changed from 'bike' mode (on the Garmin) to 'driving' which appears to force the Garmin to re-calculate the route, which gives a route on roads rather than straight line across country. Also the route follows the MyRoute planned route.


Thank you for sharing Eammon! I'll recommend this to users with similar issues.

OK - so I still cannot find "shortest route option" of course you can drag to the shortest route, but surely there's a setting somewhere ?

Assuming you've got a Garmin Zumo, from the home screen go settings, navigation, then first option is navigation mode. Shortest distance on mine is last on the list that needs scrolling down to see the option.

Oh sure - I can do shortest route on the device (T/T in my case) but how do you do shortest route when planning using the My-Route web app ? I want to know where it goes before i put it into my sat nav.

Ah OK, I don't think there is a shortest route option, apart from the low/average/high 'windingness' available on the Tom Tom mapping. 

I found I needed to add waypoints using the 'expand' function to get a true copy of the route you plan onto sat nav. Even then I find there can be a slight difference.  

Yes, to be clearer, my point is, forget what device you are going to load it into - it's when I am sitting at my laptop, planning a ride, and want to know where shortest route takes me, I normally prefer to use Google Maps maybe it's a limitation...

Low/average/high windingness doesn't seem to me to be the same as 'shortest'

MyRoute-app sets route calculation to 'shortest route' by default :)! There is also the 'optimize' function in the toolkit to optimize your route (this includes travel speed).

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