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Likes and Dislikes - Feedback

Apologies but this is a bit like a shopping list of functions that I (and I am sure many others) would find useful.

Firstly, I like it BUT

NO UNDO FUNCTION - I see that you are working on this (10 months!) - Can I suggest that an alternative may be to  do away with the AUTOMATIC save option and allow a MANUAL SAVE option instead. I would certainly prefer a manual save option.

I would like A SEARCH FUNCTION that does not automatically add the object of the search to your route.

In the old Autoroute, it was possible to draw and add notes to your maps/routes.  This I found exceptionally useful when planning longer tours ( I am sure this is one of my more complicated requests).

A delete MULTIPLE waypoints function. ie a way to select and delete several waypoints (from the waypoints window) without having to do them 1 at a time.

When deleting waypoints from the WAYPOINTS window I find that my curser often skips to a random waypoint after the deletion rather than to the next waypoint in my list.  This can result in the accidental deletion of a waypoint and without the UNDO function it is time consuming to refind and reinsert it. - also a reason to disable the Automatic Save function.

The ability to SPLIT a route into two separate routes.

I find it confusing that to find MY Routes that I have to go into my profile first when logic would seem to say they should be in the Route Lab section.

A SNAP function that puts any new waypoint onto the nearest road.

As I said though, I like the app but due to the above still have to think of it as in development.



We hear your feedback (and from other users). Currently we're still developing our bigger picture for MRA. I've taken note of your suggestions. Hopefully we can see some being fulfilled soon.

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