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Add new waypoints below the selected waypoint

When I add a way point it always adds it to the bottom of they waypoints I already have.

If I wish to add a waypoint between waypoints 6 and 7 I have to add the way point at the end and then drag it up the list.

It would be nice to add waypoints below the currently selected way point.

So for instance I want to go from a to b.  But then I think well lets add a1,a2,a3 to make the route more interesting.

I appreciate I can create a waypoint by dragging an existing route.  But if I want to add extra waypoints to an existing route, I can double click and select add which is brill, but it puts the way point in the wrong place and screws up the route calculation.

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Hi Michael,

This function is something i discussed with our staff recently. Creating a complex script like such is almost impossible doing right. Hopefully for convenience sake an option like the one your suggestion will be possible some day.

Kind regards,

Christian Orie 

Was there any result from this? Would be a really useful feature

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