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Friends in mobile app

I have friends using my Mac computer app, but cannot see them when using the iOS mobile app.  Is there a way to do this?

See them where?

I have 3 "Friends" when I use MyRoute-app on my iMac and can see their routes.  When I open MyRoute-app on any of my Apple mobile devices, for instance my iPad Pro, and select "Activities," click on the globe in the upper right, then select "Friends" from the drop down list, I have nothing on the next screen.

I had assumed that would allow me to view my "Friends" routes on my mobile devices.

I understand. This seems like a bug. I'll file a report to the development team!

Hi, Is there any update to this? Or is there a workaround to allow friends to see the routes in the mobile app?

thanks D B 

Still awaiting a response/update.



Hi Harv,

This issue was tought to be fixed a couple of weeks ago. Is it still occurring for you? 

Kind regards,

Christian Orie

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