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Sharing a multiple day holiday track/route

hi all

I just came back from a 14 day holiday in Spain, and I like to share it, of course with some pictures and comments.

The track/route is too big for one file, so I like to submit them on a per-day basis.

Is there a way to group tracks or routes together for days 1 upto 14?

Also, if I submit a route, I cannot add any pictures, so I think the track is the way to go?

I appreciate any hints....



Hi Rob,

I'm not quite sure what you're exactly looking or? Are you referring to organizing them on your profile? I suggest creating a folder for that. On your profile when your in either routes or tracks click on the "new+'' window on the top right and select folder. Then drag the routes you got into the folder and your good to go.

And on your second note, yes only tracks can add pictures :(

yes the folder is what im looking for, thanks!

a pity we cant add pics to a route, since i like to adjust my route before throwing it public.

thanks anyway!!

Forgot to mention i'm from the customer support of MyRoute-app. I monitor the forum partially also to search for wishes of our users. I'll be bringing 'the pictures for routes' (and perhaps rating system/comment system etc.) forward to our team soon. It got requested a couple of times before. What i would like to know is what benefits as one of our users you think the feature (pictures) will bring :)! The argument against it previously was that your routes are all stored on your profile which isn't really viewed by as many users as tracks are on the activity page. Pictures for routes are perhaps a bit to personal when stored just on your route. Also when you export your route, your pictures can't be added to the .gpx. 

I have some pro-arguments for the feature as well, but would love to hear your opinion on it!

thanks for your reply, Christian.

I would be happy to give suggestions or insights. I ve been using Tyre for many years, and I am still using it, since I feel that myroute-app is not yet on the same level as Tyre.  It is on a good roadpath to be the Basecamp/Mapsource killer app though.

The main issue is the question why do you want to share an track, or why share a route?  Both are closely related, but different. Sharing a track is nice saying "hey, I made this trip, had fun, here take a look", but in my view not suitable for creating a new route or riding that same track again. My main issue about that is that a track my contain faults, maybe that person went the wrong way, and returned, maybe went offroad, or had a road breakup and made a detour. etc.

In my view the myroute-app site is too full of tracks of people, most of them are testing123 tracks or went-for-beer-to-my-buddy tracks.  When I have no plans for the weekend, and want to ride an interesting route, then these tracks are useless.

Then im looking for "quality" routes:   in my view that is a route that has been driven by more than one person, all faults are ironed out, have interesting roads or landscapes, possibilities for a lunch stop, take in gasoline.

When Im looking at these routes, I would love to see comments of others, what they have to say about it, and how they rate a route.

also in this case, I would love to share my holiday route, and add some pics to it, to show some highlights.

and yes in that case, other users should be able to see and browse routes, just like the tracks.

hope this helps?

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I fully agree with Ufootje Re: the tracks. It's a good fun feature but almost useless for navigation.

Thank you for that Ufootje :)!

I couldn't agree more when it comes to the advantages of giving our community more interactivity when it comes to route sharing. I would imagine having a similar platform for routes as we have for tracks in the forms of 'Activities'. I'll definitely take your comments to our team, and can imagine multiple meetings for design philosophies taking place. It's a matter of convincing our development staff of the community benefits that a feature like this would bring. But i'm on the same team when it comes to routes vs tracks as you are. But back when MyRoute-app was founded we were the first with tracking, and the excitement that came with that stuck around for a little to long i think. 

Now this is aimed to Varareco as well, i can completely relate to activities having too many unusable 'test' tracks in it. I brought this up in a previous meeting and where going to make a start soon with letting you filter activities for your region/country. This should eliminate some junk but it's definitely not where we're finally going for. The problems are known to us, we'll have to figure out more smart filtering capabilities. 

Thank you for taking the time to help me (and the rest of our team) out by giving your insights :)! 

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hi Christian,

Thanks, I will be happy to give more insights, suggestions, or critism.

Beeing a professional developer myself, I know its not easy to please everbody, at the same time make sure the app stay on a good track with a vision for the future.

Another thought on the track vs. route issue, is that tracks are more and more used as a route, both by Garmin and Tomtom users. (especially with the latest 400/410 which handles gpx tracks very good)

So there is a very thin line between ttrack and route, but its use and application is very different.

Going to work now, I ll be back later...  enjoy your day!

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