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Login to my google maps...


Still no progress with loging to my google maps?

I need my starred places in MyRoute...

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Hi Marcin Kukula,

This feature hasn't been requested before. I'll consult our staff to discuss some possibilities :)!

Kind regards,

Chistian Orie

Customer support

Hi Chris,

Of course it was :)

Subbmited by me about 8 months ago :)

It could be a VERY usefull option....



Ahh... Been working for 4 months here so might have missed it ;P

But you were right the option had been picked up before. There however wasn't much commitment to it. What i understood (and i had to do some research as well), is that my google maps and MyRoute-app are platforms that generally do the same thing. As you can imagine Google would never incorporate a platform like theirs into ours. The only advantage (we believe) is that you could save some of the waypoints/highlights into MyRoute-app. This is currently also possible by transferring the location (GPS coordinates) from Google Maps into MyRoute-app. 

Since i also did some research, i'm kind of jealous on the extra customization that Google Maps has over us in some aspects. It's something we really want to improve in the coming months. 

Fully underestand, Chris :)

I have no idea what can you do with it...

Google must give you a permission if I want to log in to my google account in maps?

All I want/need is to see my starred places in MyRoute.

Of course I can copy/paste coordinates every time between MR and Google... But it is annoying :(

Please, do your best, Guys :)

Any progress? :)

Currently hard at work with other features first. We've just implemented viewing multiple routes at once and the option to filter activities based on countries. 

The Google Maps integration is still in the speculative stage internally. So if it would ever be released, i expect it to take some time :(

Multiple routes - great idea!

Super :)

Thanks :)

my problem is i plan a route on tyre or my route app and i check it meticulously for a motorbike  itinerary ride in spain, costa blanca area but when i transfer them to tomtom rider pro with up to date maps there are always lots of errors eg waypoints get shifted into fields.and sometimes the roads are not even visible on the tomtom display.  tomtom maps in the actual rider device are on occasion pretty useless completely lacking enough actual detail. the ideal solution would be for my route app to use google maps and its own app for turn by turn voice instructions. any plans to do this in the future.or am i missing something. i spend a lot of time planning new routes and they look great in google maps but they will not transfer correctly to tomtom maps.i always set waypoints to shortest route but it doesn't seem to make any difference.i am getting very disillusioned as most of the navigation apps do not use google maps but their own versions i have used tomtom maps to check if the route is correct in myroute app but they sometimes do not show roads that i know are actually there.

Google Maps is another map as TomTom.

Another route calculation.

For TomTom, you can make the best routes in the TomTom map.

We are working on our own in-app navigation.

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