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Unable to open new ticket although I'm a gold member

 On the website, I'm not able to open a new support ticket.  I get a message that only Gold Members can receive personal support.  I've been a VIRP since the beginning.  All my other Gold functions are available in the Toolkit and work fine.

What's the problem???

I have make a support ticket for you, our developer takes a look.

I have same problem - won't let me start a new ticket although I'm a Gold Member. Also, where has Street View gone? It's a very important feature for route planning!

Yep now tried on Mac and PC, and still getting message "Only Gold members receive personal support". Hopefully will be sorted as soon as possible.

Hello Colin, have make a ticket for, the programmers take a look at this issue soon.

I have the same problem.

Hi Bob.

I have asked a developer why this happened. And if they can resolve it.
I hope you can make a ticket soon!

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app

Same - can't raise a new ticket.....

Your profile comesup as a Basic member. 
Creating tickets is a Gold member function.

Anthony, this is my profile according to Myroute right now:  What gives?



I have asked a developer to look into why you can't make a ticket. Should be possible as the picture indicates that you are a gold member.. 

If I dont reply soon, please remind me!

Kind regards,


I think that this is now fixed Anthony, at least without actually raising a ticket all the indications are that I can.


I too have this problem, I'm a Gold member but unable to open a support ticket.


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