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Adding the photos to the track / activity

Hello, I know it is possible to add any photo to my tracks (moments). But I have geotag data included in every photo. Would be nice just upload the photo and this photo (icon of the moment) could be automaticly places onto map based on the geotag included in the photos.

What is my idea, to use MyRoute as my travel blog and I cannot upload all the datas I have from my last year. First, there is limit 30000 point of GPX track, second is problem to place my pohotos to the activity map.


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Each photo will be placed on the map on the correct coordinates, we can see if it is easy possible to show the coordinates in the photo.

Maby it is an idea to make a Travelstory of your 'old' trips, you can add photo's, video's, routes and tracks.

If you have a route, you can save as gpx and upload as a track, you can use this track in the Travelstory.

As an example my Travelstory to South-France, in that time, there was no MyRoute-app, but it is a nice story now:

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