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Big upgrade 19th and 20th of February 2017!

Post your messages about possible problems after the big upgrade from February 19th and 20th 2017 here.

No street view now!! hopefully they will fix this otherwise i'll have to look elsewhere to create routes


Please read the announcements, Street View come back soon:


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Trying to plan route from Spondigna (Val Venosta - Bolzano) to passo dello Stelvio, an error persist and it is reporter as: "Google Maps: ZERO_RESULT", even if Google camera view exist on the map.

I had the same error as Peten while trying to drag a route down the west side of USA. Was using Google Maps.

Also had a HERE route doing strange things (it refused to route logically to the next waypoint). This was solved by changing to Google Maps and then back to HERE maps again. 

@Petèn and @Nigel Thomson:
The ZERO_RESULT error is something Google Maps gives when there is a waypoint on a road that is currently closed. Could be due to seasonal closures. 
If you have MyRoute App GOLD you can swap the map to the HERE map and with a toolkit you can say you want to "ignore" seasonal closures. 

We have made a manual on this called: 16. Manual HERE Toolkit (Gold).

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Hi, swapping between maps, HERE maps seem have VERY small font on maps, almost unreadable, zooming in or out still VERY small. I haven't seen this before. Any ideas? Google and TOMTOM maps look fine. Thanks!

Same comment as Jon Harris re the HERE maps. The font size doesn't match the zoom levels appropriately

Hi Nigel and Jon. 

I forwarded this to the developer of MyRoute App, he is currently trying his best to resolve this.

We recently updated the maps to make them look sharper, nicer and with more details. 

And whilst this update was a great succes, small issues like this can come up and we will resolve this as soon as possible.

Thank you for making this known to us! I will reply back in this forumpost when this is resolved!  

Street view still not enabled ;.(

Hello Sergi, 

Street view should be back up now for quite sometime. 

If you click on the man the arrow is pointing at the roads should turn blue. 


You can then click on one of the blue roads and Streetview should be working (you might have to zoom in a bit).

Hi Anthony, any likely timeline on the zoom / font size issue on the Here maps? It's a royal pain as i use a garmin and use the Here maps so the routes look right through the French Alps, using Google / TOMTOM will assume routes closed for winter etc. many thanks

While the developer is working on the text for the zoom levels could you please add some extra zoom steps?

From the scale at the bottom it currently goes 50km to 30km to 20km to 10km

Steps of 40km, 35km, 25km, and 15km would be very useful for screen grabbing to print a map......

And make the route transparent so we can see the road names! :)

Keep up the good work,


@Jon Harris, The font size issue should be fixed by now, let me know what you think! 

@Nigel Thomson, We are in the process of improving the .PDF file you can print out. One of the improvements is going to be a larger picture of the route. 

As for making the route transparent, this might be a little bit more tricky, but Ive mentioned this tip to the lead-developer!

Kind Regards,

The recommended routes that are posten on the "big map" dont work... If i press an icon to see recommended routes around europe, no one is showing