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Street View Full screen freezing

Good afternoon

From a gold member in a Macbook Pro mid 2009:

When in street View one can maximize the image up to full screen; Then, when in full screen, there are "two return ways"...the minimize icon on the right up hand corner and An arrow in the left up hand corner. The picking this last one the screen turns black and there it stays util the scape cap is pressed (see attached file).

Don't know if it is an hardware or software problem so I'll be waiting for your feedback.


Carlos Carvalho 

Hi, this seems like a hardware error to me.

Anyone else experiencing this type of error?

Also I didn't find an attachment to this post.

Sorry about the missing it goes.

By the way, why do you say it must be an hardware error?



The top left arrow only takes you out of streetview and not fullscreen mode. 

The right up hand corner icon does remove fullscreen mode. 

When I press the top left arrow I get the route full screen,

The reason I think it is a hardware error is because I see the route fullscreen instead of a black screen.

But I am no 100% about this.

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