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Printing Routes

SatNavs aren't flawless and at the moment you can't print a route or get driving directions from the web app like you can in Basecamp. However, Basecamp directions are so long winded as to be ridiculous.

A workaround in Tyre or MyRouteApp is to use the waypoint descriptions to manually add a bit of direction detail. Then using an itn file and a bit of adjusting in Excel you can print a reasonable set of directions.

Could you add a feature that would:

1) Print a map of the route to pdf

2) Create an excel file with the information that is created in an itn file but rearrange it so that it's more ready to use - Waypoint Description, Latitude, Longitude.  

OK - well I didn't realise that "Save as PDF" created a list of directions ......!!

However, none of them at this stage are very good.

Would it be possible to quickly add a "Save as Text" so that the user can edit to remove some of the redundant stuff and add details of stopping points, etc


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Hi Nigel! 
We are currently working on improving the way we print our routes. 
And adding/deleting text from the sheet is on that list. 
We want to give the user the freedom they deserve in making this printout sheet theirs. 

For now a solution can be to open the .PDF file as Word document. This does the trick for me when I want to delete some of the stopping points !

Anthony Fens
Customer Support

Thanks Anthony :)

Never knew you could open a pdf to edit in Word - but then I've only got Word 2010 !

Time to upgrade.... :)

OK, I've updated my version of Office so that I can convert pdf to word :)

Would it be possible to have a button to turn off display of the waypoints on the map so that we can take a screenshot of just the route. Not urgent.... :)

But, with the route printing it would be important to be able to not have numbered instructions - so you can delete unnecessary directions with impunity. 


A few suggestions for inclusion in the directions printing - big please :)

1) Rather than numbers next to each of the directions can we please have the option to show total mileage since start of route? Be a lot more useful.

2) An A4 sized map of the route would be much appreciated.

3) Road numbers to go with road names.

4) Exit number on roundabout rather than "turn left" or "turn right"

5) The option of including the GPS points of the the direction change.

Any idea when the route printing will be updated? Are we talking weeks or months?



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Hi Nigel,

Your list is a great help for me/us! 

I have a meeting with the lead developer of the MyRoute App tomorrow, and I will bring your list with me.

As far as I can tell, I think we are talking weeks. But you never know if something major will pop-up.. So I cant really make any definite promises I'm afraid, I hope you understand.

But it is high on the to-do list!

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support.

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Hi Anthony.

Liking the progress but any news on the route printing?

Apart from not being able to put "destinations to visit" it's the only really bad bit! :)

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