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Multiple Route View?

Not sure if this has been addressed but whats the thoughts on being able to see multiple route on the same map/view?

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This can be useful for someone planning a trip that lastst a couple of days and has different starting points each day. 

Think about the Tour the France for example.

I just started using MRA-Gold as a trial this week.
I have been using Basecamp for some years to plan my routes.

So far I really like MRA, but I do miss the possibility to show multiple routes & tracks in the same window, as well as the possibility to give them a color that I can choose.

If this gets implemented I will buy MRA-Gold immediately ...

It is possible to show multiple routes & tracks in the same window.

From the support:

"You are now able to display multiple routes at once by following these steps:

1. Click on Route lab

2. Select 'Upload route file'

3. In the left collom of your screen you will find a new tab named 'Routes' Select this tab and click on 'Add'

4. You can now select an extra route to be displayed on your screen.

Additionally, you can select a new color for the displayed routes by clicking the square underneath the route."


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