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Confused re use of Syguc navigation in Android app.

 I understand from what I have read on the support pages that I could take a route I have prepared and run it through the Sygic navigation application.  However I can't follow the instructions provided as some of the icon buttons referenced eg "start", "create track" and the arrow navigation icon.  Is this functionality still available in the Android app?

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It doesn't work any more, should have been like this but is not:

Sorry, I have now got help and a solution from support:

Transferring routes to Sygic is still possible.

Once you have the app open please click on "Tracking" in the top middle of the screen and click on the route you wish to follow with Sygic.

Now, you will see the start of this route, and also 3 icons, a bed, a star and an arrow. If you click on the arrow you will be able to click on Sygic. 

I do exactly that but I can’t get Sygic to work correctly when I try to navigate using a file created in MyRouteApp. Using TomTom GPS it works without problem.

Is there any Android navigation app who works with MyRouteApp? I can’t find any.

Good Afternoon Lars,

Sygic is currently the only app useable to navigate the routes of MyRoute-app.

But we are launching our own MyRoute-app Navigation app soon! 

You can check the website for more information here:

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