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Exporting to Sygic

I am a Gold member and purchased Sygic to use with the Myrouteapp. Now the update does not give me the option to export to Sygic. Can you advise if this option is removed, and what is now the best option. I want to export from Myrouteapp to a navigation system on my Android device. Thanks and kind regards, Stewart Blake.

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It basically doesn't give the option to navigate at all.. neither Sygic or Navigon. Was that intended!??

I am also a MyRoute-App Gold member and I am also a Sygic Premium member. I only purchased these two GPS-route-systems because I had several newsletters from MyRoute-App that told me the following: "Gold app features: finding nearby routes by using the app and navigating through the external Sygic navigation app.". I surely expected that routes made from myselv on the MyRoute-App Web was able to be send to the android phone with the MyRoute-App and the Sugic navigation apps, but I cannot find this possibility now. Have I purchased something that are more or less useless?

I know I can export to my Tomtom Rider2 but this was not my plan, I use TyretoTravel for that purpose. 

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Sorry, I have now got help and a solution from support:

Transferring routes to Sygic is still possible.

Once you have the app open please click on "Tracking" in the top middle of the screen and click on the route you wish to follow with Sygic.

Now, you will see the start of this route, and also 3 icons, a bed, a star and an arrow. If you click on the arrow you will be able to click on Sygic. 

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Hi all I have just downloaded Sygic and I am having problems transferring the waypoints to Sygic on my iPhone 7.  

Route created in My-Route App with 40 waypoints.  When I transfer to Sygic all waypoints are ignored and Sygic gives me quickest route from start to finish.  Can anyone help.  Thanks

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I have the same problem as Rugn app by536:  The route created in My-Route App with 30 waypoints.  When I transfer to Sygic all waypoints are ignored and Sygic gives me quickest route from start to finish.

 I am wondering why instead of adding new feature the developer do not concentrate on having the app working properly.   I belong to   a motorcycle group of 600 members: most are complaining that they do not understand how to use  route-planning app s and most of this app do not work properly anyway. I think there would be a great market here in the US for an app that works properly and with decent tutorials.   This app (myRoute-app)  is by far the best in designing routes...  too bad the developers  cannot get the navigation to work  properly. 

Sygic has stopped taking my imported routes!!! I have been using this feature for the last couple of years but when I tried to import today, only the first and last point made it... WHAT HAPPEND??? this feature is why you got my money!!! Why isnt it working????


Dear all,

I raised a ticket with the helpdesk and I received this reply.

No you are doing nothing wrong, when Sygic released their latest update yesterday the combination between MyRoute-app and Sygic was disturbed.

We have send an email to Sygic asking them to resolve this, we are waiting for their response.

Sorry for the inconvience this has caused. We will send out a message when it works again!


I hope that the above answers your questions satisfactorily.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

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This is still the issue. Have you got any reply from Sygic yet?

Still unable to import to Sygic properly.  I purchased MyRoute-app specifically for this feature.  I mapped all my routes for a 14 day, 3500 mile trip and now I find it will not work.  I leave on July 1st, 2017 can you provide some feedback and what is the relationship between MyRoute-app and Sygic?  Is Sygic required to provide the interface?  I'm getting concerned due to the labor and trust I put into your product if I don't receive answer soon, I will be forced to try to convert from Tyre and/or rely on paper maps as a primary.

Your assistance in the matter is expected but appreciated.



My iPhone did a Sygic app update a few days ago and now all is working well.

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Yes, the latest Sygic update did correct the issue.  Thank you for the response!  I would have been nice prior to me putting my foot in my mouth.  But, hey, I'm back in business with my planned routes!

Thanks Rugby536


I have the latest version of Sygic and even then when I upload the route from myroute app, Sygic still insists on using its own route. I raised a ticket with Sygic support and they said MyRoute-app is no longer supported as they are building a route creation app. So what can we do?
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