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Cant export from ipad to TomTom using mydrive

I  have been trying for a couple of days to get a route from my route app on my iPad to my sat nav.

I have performed the following:

1.   Ensure Tom Tom services are activated on tom-tom.   Checked mydrive cloud sync is activated.

2.   Ensure that Tom Tom is connected to my phone.

3.   Go into my route app.  

4.   Open route - click save as

5.   Click My Drive (beta)

6.   Enter my drive account details.   Screen refreshes (there is no success message but no failure message either).

7.   Open My Routes on tom tom.   Route is not displayed.

8.   Opened my drive app on iPad looked for routes but there is no routes option, merely POI so can't check from that.

What else needs to be done either in my route app or the sat nav to be able to see the routes on the tom-tom.

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I have the same problem, and run through the same steps.

 I have an 30 days trial for the MyRoute-app, and would like to verify that this functionallity worked prior to subscribing. I understand that this topic was raised two months ago, and so far no one from MyRoute has commented/solved the issue. Does not look good in my book...

And yes, I understand it is a Beta-solution. But still some kind of feedback would be polite.

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