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waypoints on tomtom rider

Hi, Again excuse me if this has been discussed elsewhere, I tried a search but couldn't find anything,

I can make a route in myroute app with several waypoints, for these to show on my rider410 I have to export as .ITN file, not as gpx. It comes up fine once exported but every time I reach a waypoint it says I have reached my destination although it then carries on to the next waypoint  but again tells me the same.

Is there a fix for this or is it something I'll have to live with?

Many thanks


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As much as anything this is a problem with the TomTom in that you can't easily sort it. Doesn't work at all when importing GPX files and for ITN files every waypoint is being taken as a "Destination to Visit" so you get alerted on everything. TT stupidly took away the trip planner that used to exist in the previous Rider versions and still haven't put it back. MRA doesn't yet have a way of defining a point as just a route point or somewhere you specifically want to stop. You could help give them a push on that one if you like!

 If you're on windows then install Tyre, load the ITN file, change the points to what you want and then copy the file to the Rider.

Not having got a 410 it may not work but worth a try. It's quite a quick process once you've done it a few times :)  

Thanks Nigel  so its a TT thing rather than a MRA thing? 

It's really both TT and MRA! Neither will differentiate between destinations to visit and basic waypoints. A big frustration of mine! The itn file is pretty basic though. Each line has longitude, latitude, waypoint name, and type of waypoint at the end. Open one of yours with a text editor. First line should have a 4, and the rest will be 2's. If you don't want to stop at a particular waypoint then for that line change the 2 to a zero. Resave the file and Import to Rider.
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