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Straight lines or a different route

When uploading a carefully planned route from MyRoute to my Garmin (in either 1.0 or 1.1) I either get a straight line as the crow flies or at other seemingly random times the nav decides for itself which way to go. In every case it ignores the route I've mapped out completely. Bizarrely the other day in France it gave me a route along a fast A road with diversions and loop backs for each of the waypoints I had put in.

Unfortunately, with my Garmin MyRoute is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

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I just tried transferring a route from MyRoute to Garmin BMW Navigator and what I got is a route made up of straight lines instead of following the roads.

What am I doing wrong or is there no solution for this?

Thanks for your help.

Same to me. I have tried to download a route to my Garmin 660, having followed all the advice and tips already given on here. However I only get straight lines from one point to the next despite having placed waypoints etc. :-((((

I have found this out today a neat trick to avoid those straight line routes. I'm using a Garmin LM350 and BMW Nav V. Download your route as gpx1.1 file. When you turn on your Garmin it asks if you would like to import new routes. Say NO. Go to Tracks app. Here you will find the route you downloaded as a track. Select it. Map shows track of your route. Click on top left spanner. Then select Convert to Route. Your Garmin device will now calculate the route and put it in your Trip Planner. Problem of straight line routes solved. The calculation of the route may not be quite the same as the route in MyRoute. It depends on the navigation settings in your device.

Thanks for the tip Peter.  However,as a Gold Member, I would like to think that the route can get into my gps without extra steps.  Also, seems to me that this issue of straight lines was introduced after the upgrade!!  


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