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Feedback, and feature improvment request

Tried out your software, and I think I've been through it extensively to test all the available features, or most of them anyway.  Overall I like several of it's features,  but there are a few things I think it needs.  Some of them I expect would not be too difficult to program.  Hopefully you can implement this constructive feedback?

The list:

1. Provide a way to reorder waypoints without using the drag method.  Provide a simple (“+/-“ or a “^/v” chevron or a up/down) button on the waypoint in the waypoint list, to move the waypoint  up or down in the list of waypoints.  Something besides or in addition to dragging.   Dragging, even with a mouse can be problematic, and easy to over or under drag.  Especially when your list exceeds the height of the screen now you have to drag very carefully and cause a scroll in the list you cannot see in it'd entirety.

Another option would be to have such a button at the top (list title bar) and when you click on the waypoint in the list, then click on a +/- (etc) button on the list title bar, the selected waypoint is moved moves it.  Such a more precise control would be a preferred option.

2. Come up with a way to make the street or high way names show through the track line.  Possibly make it (the track line) have adjustable transparency.  Or something.  Is is hard to know if you are on the right road when looking back.  It is very hard to see the road/hwy names/numbers.  I found myself constantly squinting trying to figure out what was under the line.


3. For Garmin units, Provide the ability to turn off notifications on individual waypoints, ideally a checkbox in the list so you don’t have to open each of them.  If it isn’t already (did not test).  In Basecamp you can right click on the waypoint, and select "Don't alert on arrival (Shaping Point)".  Garmin's Basecamp has waypoints and shaping points, I'm not sure how those translate to your waypoint only system, maybe somewhere between a route point and a track point.

4. An apparent bug:  Choose on waypoint in list on left.  An “X” appears in the box in the list on the left, presumably to delete that waypoint.  But that X does not work.  You have to open the waypoint onscreen, which causes a sometimes undesirable map reorientation/centering at that waypoint.  Only then you can click on that boxes X to delete it.  The "X" on the waypoint in the list needs to be activated.

I know English is not your first language.  Let me know if you need any elaboration on any point.




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One thing to add to Scott's list above is a way to set the Connector to a preferred file type so it is not necessary to have to select the file type each use.  This would be particularly desirable since I use a Garmin and there are 2 types of Garmin - 1.0 and 1.1 - it is very easy to click on the wrong one.  Although I have seen the info somewhere - it would nice to have a reminder about which type to use for which model Garmins.

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 Another apparently missing feature...

For Memory challenged garmins, with a full North America Mapset loaded for example, I normally save the routes I'm loading onto the unit on the SD card.  With MRA, the export option doesn't give any option of where to place the exported file. 

Need that.

Upon trying MRA on my iPad I find

For #1 above: This is even MORE IMPORTANT.  With an iPad mini, which may of us use when motorcycling due to it's size, the area that lists the waypoints is very small, only 35mm to be precise.  That's makes adding a waypoint and then moving it into place with others in the list very difficult.

For #4 above:  The "X" works on the iPad.  It does not work on the PC when using Firefox (current ver: 52.2.0 (32-bit)).  So definitely a bug.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen,

I am the customer support of MyRoute-app. I have little knowledge of what exactly is possible to implement and what not. 

The list you have provided us is great, I have added all the suggestions to the Suggestion list of the developers. 

We are currently in a busy timeframe, a lot of projects are being worked on already. 

We recently released the roundtrip tool, and we are working on the release of the navigation app.

However, even with all those things going on, we musn't forget the feedback / constructive criticism of our beloved users. 

For now, I can tell you that the suggestions are on the list, and I expect the developers to have a look at them soon.

I must say that I cannot guarantee that they are able to implement all of the suggestions you've made. Of course the bug with the X should be fixed ASAP.

I hope that you find some comfort in my answer, know that you are being listened to and that we are doing our best to make the app even better than it already is.  

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.

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Thanks Anthony.  #1 and #2 are the biggies for me right now.  I'd hope they move to the top of the list.

While important, the others have workarounds and can wait. IMO.


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route transparency is a thing now! Check it out under the toolkit functions. 

We are also working on the part where you can change the order of the waypoints without dragging. 

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Excellent, great work guys. 


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Hi Anthony,

Points 2 and 3 are the big ones for me - and (among other things) everyone else I've shown MRA to so far!

People want to see which type of road they are going to be travelling on - which once the route has hidden all the names is hard! If one can add a route to the view and choose its colour and intensity surely that can be done with the main route?

People want to be able to decide their waypoints and stops, plug in their GPS, send the route, open the route on the GPS and navigate to first destination :), They want to be able to send the route to their friends or customers and have the route load first time with no messing required!

They want to be able to organise their own POIs, use other peoples POIs, have Favourites sortable and in folders.

And for the many that don't want to rely entirely on their GPS they want a map and printed route in case the GPS fails.

I really don't think MRA can leave such things to as and when.....

Perhaps it is time to send out a SurveyMonkey type questionnaire with the list of features and fixes asked for or being considered by MRA and ask the users what their priorities are?

You need us to be able to say to others directly and on the web that MRA does everything they need - without workarounds. No need for Tyre, Basecamp, MyDrive, etc. 

There are many route planners out there and MRA has some really major plus points but it needs completion to become a one stop solution. It is very close so please don't let the designers move on to "more exciting" things before they have finished the route planning side!


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Route transparency - YES! 

Thank you :)

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Hi Nigel,
Thank you for the kind words about MyRoute-app.
The features mentioned in the post above are all known by the developers. 

And I feel that we are listening to our community as much as possible. I agree with you that you need to complete 1 thing entirely before moving on to a different aspect. But sometimes the demand for some particular addition can be so tremendously great, we almost have to try and see if we can make it a possibility. And whilst we are doing that, I can understand that other users who are less interested in that new addition can feel sort of left behind. This is never our intention.
During the summertime we will have a lot more 'free' time to work on completing older projects, such as the PDF file. 

So I guess what I am trying to say is, don't worry we are going to tie loose ends together as soon as possible. Which will be a lot easier when we all have a little bit more time to focus on MyRoute-app entirely.
I hope that we have proven that we are always ready and willing to listen to constructive criticism. And we encourage the users of MyRoute-app to provide us with contructive criticism!

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens
Customer Support Myroute-app.

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the feedback and, as others have said, MRA is doing a great job generally!

It might be worth a bit of time spent updating the Support Site? The "Ideas Box" box could maybe take more prominence and be updated more frequently so that it's easier for all of us to see what is happening - e.g. The "undo" action is still in the suggestions when it's already been added?

It might cut down on repeat requests for the same thing :)


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