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Navigation with Sygic North America app?

I’m currently on the Gold 30-day trial of MyRoute and love it so far! I decided to download the local Sygic (with North America maps for $27), but when I use the iOS MyRoute app and click on Tracking, pick a saved route, click on Navigation, use does not launch my Sygic app. Instead it goes to the Apple App Store and wants me to download the $14.99 Sygic EUROPE version of the app. I’m in the USA. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thanks! David

Followup: I forgot that I had left this question open....sorry. But the answer was that I had mistakenly downloaded the incorrect Sygic navigation app so MyRoute didn't recognize it. I THOUGHT I had downloaded "Sygic North America", but instead I must have fat-fingered it and downloaded "Sygic Car Navigation" instead and that didn't work. Once I downloaded the correct app, it worked immediately. Sorry for the false alarm! :)


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