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Where is current info on Myrouteapp?


Evening. I signed up to myroute-app while it was beta and committed to the lifetime option. I have seen some great advances but I continue to be disappointed by responses or the lack of them on the site. Where is the place to go for information on What is happening with Myroute-App? The support forums seem to be stale and response from staff is erratic. I posted this for comment over a year ago and never got a reply. -

I see the email newsletters that come round by email but I cant find a central location with current info on the site. The facebook page appears inactive.

I see occasional mention that you are busy working on the navigation app, but you were posting this stuff a year ago as well.

Where do we find out what is happening? You have an idea box on the forums which seems largely ignored and does not appear to be monitored or updated. Why cant we have a list of features updated that you are working on or planning or offer poll to your users for what they want implemented next?

For me the route planning side is great but I still cant use tracking.
  • I cant get access to my raw gpx recorded data and you strip out the time information so I cant get speed data back if I track with your mobile app
  • If I record tracks with another app and upload to the sight, the track info does not get filled.
  • Any photos taken with your mobile app as "moments" have the geolocation data stripped out which then means I cant use them in my personal albums of locations.

For planning routes on the site the only couple of things I would like added are:
  • Ability to see the following for road sections: Speed limits, traffic camera locations, traffic calming measures, traffic lights.  There are various ways to pull Speed limit data and data for the other items can at least be pulled from OSM.  This would help plan routes that do not go through slow moving, residential area and highlight accident blackspots.
  • Ability to see existing tracks with colour coded road sections indicating speed as with the opensource gpx track editor tool.  This data could be used to both code  shared and private tracks and also build a database for average actual speed when planning routes.  Both providing the benefit of planning more enjoyable routes.  It would at least be good to highlight slow sections.

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