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Using Sygic iOS app

Being able to import a route into Sygic is a great step forward. After all not all of us what point and shoot navigation. I have been trailing Sygic on an ancient iPhone 4s on my motorbike. Plan is to upgrade to a better iPhone by the end of year and use this for navigation instead of a Garmin or Tomtom. So far route creation in myRoute web app and importing into Sygic has been easy. I find most turn by turn apps for use on a motorcycle not very attractive. The problem is that the developers populate the screen with too much information and use small text and icons. In a car no problem but on a motorcycle with a wet visor not ideal. Sygic is typical of this sort of design. However there is a feature in Sygic thats is just brilliant for the motorcyclist. The HUD display. I know it was designed for cars but as a minimalist display of just the essential information in big clear text, it just works. Its so clear a quick glance tells you all you need to know. Which got me thinking. We all use navigation for different purposes and have different requirements. Wouldn't it be great if an app developer took this onboard and made a customisable screen layout when navigating. Select what bits of info you need and how big and import that into screen place holders to make your ideal layout. Just a crazy thought.

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Yes customisable GPS screen would be a must. Garmin offer some kind of customisation but would be nice to do a lot more.
Hope that the forthcoming MyRouteApp GPS integrated navigation will provide this nice feature.


I'm not sure if customisable GPS screen is a must but certainly accurate route navigation from plan is a must. I like the Sygic app but the transition from planned route to navigable route needs to be checked carefully because the route algorithms are obviously different. The more I use the Sygic HUD the more I like it. However its not perfect. IMHO I would love to see the name of the road and or number be displayed when approaching a turn command. I would lower the road speed sign just enough to allow a full line of text to be displayed on the top of the screen. When approaching a turn the ETA time would disappear and be replaced by the road number and or name. After turn then ETA is displayed again. I would also like to see ETA and Distance to destination displayed top left. Then I think for me the interface would be perfect. 

Any news on MyRouteApp ?

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