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Google Maps search results missing

When I use Google Maps (stand alone, outside of MyRoute App), I get all the results I search for perfectly well, however, when creating a route and adding waypoints in MyRoute App web/iOS, I often get no results for a search. This is terribly inconvenient because I then need to zoom in where I know the waypoint is, see the result I want, and manually click it. Why don't Google Maps search results work as expected?


Here an example:

haliburton highlands brewing

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Good Afternoon BartmanEH,

Recently we changed the search algoritmes it should be back upto speed now.

Sometimes you need to zoom in a bit before filling in the adress. 

Sorry for the inconvience and delayed response! 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support Myroute-app.

I found the same issue today when searching for a business called Getgeared in Leatherhead. The seach facility on the map just doesn't give you the results you expect.  When creating a new route and starting with a map of the world, the search facility doesn't work at all.


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