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Feedback MyRoute-app Navigation

Good afternoon all,


Here you will be able to post all your feedback about the MyRoute-app Navigation. I will do my best to answer all your questions in a timely manner.


Kind regards, Anthony Fens Customer Support MyRoute-app.

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I posted a ticket asking lots of questions about the new Navigation App 4 days ago but no reply so far. I'm guessing you want to keep it a secret. However if you want members to commit to pre-sale, I think we would like some more information and screen shots of the app in action. Most app purchases allow for a trail period before payment to see if it meets your needs. Payment up front for an unknown quantity is asking a little to much. So how about an in depth article to entice us all.

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Good Afternoon Peter, 

Just responded to the ticket, apologies for the delayed reaction it was not intentional, just a very busy time currently. 

I hope you found the information I provided satisfactorily, 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.

MyRoute-app Navigation. - new to this app.  Have loaded a route from MyRoute-app  from desktop PC to Iphone, The MyRouteNavigation-app does not follow track as shown in the MyRoute-app.  In a 100km route it showed two ways to get to a way point and one of them was wrong and not feasible.  It also suggested when I did a test drive to exit on a service road and then do a u turn.  The way points are positioned correctly. It did not follow the MyRoute-App route as shown on the PC.  When I loaded the MyRoute-app route to a different program "Navigon" on my iphone it worked fine with no problem.  I think there is a programming error in MyRouteNavigation-app.  Copy of track as per attached file.  I purchased this program as I liked the idea of everything being in the cloud.  a bit disappointing at this time.


I kind of agree with you Paul. I have given up on app at this time. Found it kept freezing on me. Also not keen on user interface. Was using Sygic but now using TomTom Go Mobile. I love the Tomtom interface very clear and traffic information very accurate. Sorry guys but I had high hopes and am disappointed with the product particularly when you consider its expensive.

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I am the same back to TomTom for me I feel let down.

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It would be good if Navigation App could connect to Android Auto. At the moment only Google Maps and Waze have that ability

Dear all,

It is unfortunate that your experiences with MyRouteApp Navigation are satisfactory.

When you want to make a route for MyRouteApp Navigation it is important that you make it in the HERE map since Navigation runs on this map.

Kind regards,


Customer Support 

If I understand correctly, you say that we can use any map to create our route in MyRouteApp, but when it's time to use Nav, it's always using HERE ?

I'm also having a lot of problem using the Nav app on my iPhone.  As long as you follow exactly the expected route, there's no problem.  But if you only drift even by a few feet, you can have the app recalculating forever.

I'm also kind of desapointed about an app that I bought and the lack of support around it.

You have no idea how I was trying to get more and more people to use your product.  Now, I almost regret having put that money in it.

I hope you'l have this fixed soon !

Dear Martin,

It is correct that when you would like to create a route for MyRouteApp Navigation you should use the HERE/Garmin map. 

This will most likely also solve the recalculating problem.


Customer Support

Since I realize that Navigation is using HERE/Garmin map, I did made all my route using it or at least comparing the difference between Goggle and HERE to be able to add a few waypoint to have the same result.

But Navigation is still having a lot of difficulties to recalculate when I'm deviating from the expected route.

Every time I've tried the Navigation app on my Iphone its frozen at some point.  Initially I thought this was just development problems but months on it is still happening.

I'm very disappointed in the app and have stopped using it.  The web planning tool is good though so I use that and then manually enter the co ordinates into Co-Pilot.

Support seems a bit rubbish.  Is the app actually being developed/improved?

Looks like there's a new version available since a few days.  Haven't tried it yet but I hope it will solve my problems

my Tomtom packed up today so I tried the Navigation app (audio only as I had no mount for the phone).

When I first loaded my route it it failed to calculate a route and I had to restart

The audio was too quiet despite full volume (and setting to loud).

The app stopped navigating after a few miles (I think after I deviated because I could'nt hear it). 

I persevered as I was on the bike and needed to get there somehow. I restarted the route by setting to go to a specific waypoint and i kept my speed low so I could hear it and it took me to me destination.

The voice speaks to slowly and tone is harder to hear than other apps (less distinct)

Some instructions were too late (after I had past junctions). I was only doing about 40 or 50 mph in open countryside so GPS should have ok.

That's from an hour trialling it.

The concept is great but whilst I will be paying for Gold (I have been trialling it) I can't see myself paying for the Navigation app as it seems to be in Beta. It's a shame as wish was better.

I understand your sentiments, it is a good concept but it just doesn't work, I paid for 3 years and used it 3 times each time it failed, I have gone back to my TT Rider which is so much better, I hear that TT are bringing an APP out that you will be able to import routes to, I will keep checking to see if these guys get it right, I just wish they would admit it and ask the community for help or at least read these comments.

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