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How do I make my problem known?

Hello all,


We here at MyRoute-app are proud of the Navigation app. But something that is almost inevitable with new creations are the new problems they bring. Our number one priority at MyRoute-app is solving these problems. We want your MyRoute-app experience something that will positivly stick with you.


I can almost hear you ask: But how will I make my problems known?


Well if you wish to make your problem known, you can do so by following these steps:

- You go back to the page 'iOS Problems'.

- Here you will see 'post topic' in the top right corner.

- Once you click that you will be asked to give the subject of the topic. Please be as detailed as you can with this. This helps keeping the forum organised and neat. If other users also have the same problem they will instantly recognise it and they can just comment under your problem instead of making their own post and having multiple posts about the same problem. (Please check the forum if your problem isn't posted already!)

- Once you have filled in the subject you can type in your message. Once again, please be as detailed as possible with this!

- If you are finished writing the problem you can click in the bottom left corner on 'post topic'. And now your problem is placed where it should.


Kind Regards,


Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.