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Adding a Direct to

It would be useful to have the option of placing a single way point as a 'go to' destination within the navigation app. It is possible to use a route with a single way point created in MyRoute-app, but it would be nice to incorporate this within the navigation app itself.

Having created a 'route' with just one waypoint in the navigation app, if select the route and click 'Navigate' imediatly the route planning fails. If you wait (about 15 seconds) for your current location to register then click navigate it plots the route fine (mostly).

On further testing the route often fails to calculate. When this happens the only visible solution is to return to the routes list and try again as it this point there is no 'Navigate' button.

I have though discovered that rotating the phone to landscape causes the route to be recalculated. and the navigate arrow button to be displayed.

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for making this suggestion and sharing your findings.

I have added this suggestion to the list for the developers to have a look at. 

I will now be closing the thread to prevent other users from sharing other suggestions not related to this one in here. 

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.