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v0.2.3 hold GPS open draining battery

I have v0.2.3 of the Android app on my Samsung S7 (Android v7) phone.

If I use navigation for a bit and then "stop navigating", the app still holds a GPS lock open (pin icon in notification bar) causing battery drain.

If I then exit the application, it still holds GPS lock draining battery even though the app isn't active any more.

The only way to get it to drop the GPS lock is to flush the app from memory using the "recent apps" screen.

Other navigations apps release the GPS once navigation stops to save power.

Could you do the same please?

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Good Afternoon Jason Bramley, 

Thank you for your excellent description of the problem. 

Your problem has been noted and will be investigated internally. 

If the developers need addition information they will reply on this forum post. 

I will temporarily close the post, the developers will open it again if need be. 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.