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Stored Routes and Favourites

Routes and Favourites are listed by clicking on Navigation and Tracking button in main menu, and then on respective button. I like the fact that my routes planned on the web are instantly available within the app. Great. One small point though is that there is no user feedback when you select an item in the list. It would be nice if the selection was highlighted to give you feedback that you have selected the correct route or favourite in the list. I think it would be tricky with a gloved hand to select accurately from the list. To overcome this a feature like Dashboard that Sygic uses would be very handy. At present the main menu consists of 6 buttons. If Support and Information buttons were combined into one then the spare button could be used to give access to a page with a similar big 6 button menu. On this menu page each button could be individually set to either a stored route or favourite by the user. You would need a method to edit each button selection. 

This would mean that on the road you could load either a route or favourite to navigate to with just 2 clicks on big glove friendly buttons. This would be very handy for us motorcyclists. I hope this makes sense.

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This would also address the issue of being unable to load a route when no phone internet access available as the routes are stored locally.

I thought the routes were stored locally. Just put my phone into airplane mode and I see what you mean. The routes are listed but do not load.  That could be a real problem. I can think of one tea stop I do that has no wifi and no mobile signal. 

Good Afternoon all,

There were already plans to combine the two (support and information button) to make room for one more. 

I really liked your idea to give the users the option to bind  this button to either a route or a favorite waypoint. 

I have informed the developers about the idea and they will look into the availability of this idea. 

Thank you for sharing your suggestion! 

I will now close the forumpost to ensure that there will be no reactions by other users with problems or suggestions not related to the original post.

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Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app