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New roundabout icons reversed for UK

The new roundabout icons are reversed for UK roads. Example 3rd exit is generally a right turn when going clockwise around a roundabout however the navigation app will show a left turn.

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This is still an issue after the latest update - an easy fix I would have thought. The spoken announcement and map are correct it is just the roundabout icon that is mirrored.

Good Afternoon Varareco, 

Thank you for the update, I have added it back to the list of the developers with high priority.

Sorry for the inconvenience !

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app

Roundabout symbol STILL wrong for UK roads. See attached screenshot.

Thank you for the additional information. 

I have forwarded the information to the developers. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support Myroute-app

All correct now :)