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Plan a simple trip with MyRoute app!

Our choice went to a trip in the Ardennes and Eifel. For a beginning motor biker, it’s best not to make the routes too extreme and we like coziness, so it must be possible to get a good beer somewhere near our sleepover location.


I know the Ardennes and Eifel pretty well, so I don’t need to search for tourist features or nice cities using Google. If I don’t know the area, I usually Google ‘Top 10 tourist features’ and ‘Top 10 nicest cities’ of the respective area.


For the first night, I choose to stay in the town La Roche en Ardenne, because I am sure that there are some good cafés J. Now I log in to MyRoute-app and click on ‘Route lab’ and then on ‘Start a new route’. I name the route ‘From Nootdorp to La Roche en Ardenne’. Now I enter my starting point into the search bar on the top left and place a route point there. Next, I enter La Roche en Ardenne and place another route point there.




Image 1: the beginning


As soon as I know the leaving date, I book a night in La Roche en Ardenne. This is also possible through MyRoute-app. I just need to click on the route point in La Roche en Ardenne. In the pop-up that appears next, I can click on the ‘bed’ icon. Now, a form will appear.



Image 2: Click on the bed icon




Image 3: form


In this form, I can enter the arrival and departure date and click on the blue button ‘Search hotels’. On the next page, you’ll see the search results. On the left side of the page, you can specify how many rooms you need and for how many people you’d like to book a night. We choose Hotel Resto Leon, right in the center and near all the coziness. Now, click on ‘Show available rooms’ and then ‘Book now’. The hotel is now booked, you can pay upon arrival. Most of the time, it’s possible to cancel up to 2 days before, but you should make sure to read the terms. Next, I copy the address of the hotel.




Image 4: Search results


Now you can close the page again and return to the MyRoute-app map. I paste the address into the search bar at the top left and click on enter. The best part about Google Maps is that many hotels appear in the map, so does this hotel. I also delete the route point in the center of La Roche en Ardenne (route point 2).




Image 5: Hotel address



Image 6: Right location




Image 7: Remove route point


I now have a route from the starting location to the hotel door, but I’d like to take some shortcuts. The idea is to use the highway until Liège and then take some shortcuts until the hotel. Since I have a TomTom, I first need to switch from Google Maps to TomTom. If you want an overview over the whole route, you can go to ‘Toolkit’ and then to ‘Show entirely’.




Image 8: From Google Maps to the TomTom map


I don’t particularly like the first part on the highway, since Antwerp, Brussels, Namur is usually very busy, so I will change it. In my opinion, the better alternative is Breda, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Liège. For this, I need to click on my left mouse button and go on the routeline, now a circle will appear and if I keep clicking the mouse button, I can drag and drop the route. Now, a route point will appear where I release the mouse button. I repeat this until the route goes exactly the way I want it to. If a route point isn’t neatly placed on the road, zoom in and put it onto the right half of the road.




Image 9: The first part on the highway


Now comes the fun part, creating a shortcut route from Liège to La Roche en Ardenne. For this, I need to switch to the ViaMichelin map. The TomTom route calculation stays, but the ViaMichelin map is what will be shown. The ViaMichelin map indicates those nice, green touristic paths that we want to have in the route.





Image 10: Switching to the ViaMichelin map


Using drag & drop, I’ll move the route line to the nice, green touristic paths on the ViaMichelin map. But I don’t want to drive off-road, so I’ll first go to Toolkit > Avoid > and check ‘Avoid dirt roads’. The Ardenne route looks like this now and will be lots of fun to drive.




Image 11: Shortcuts through the green paths


Day 2 and day 3 can be handled the same way. It might seem like a lot of work, but with a bit of exercise, you’ll be able to plan a three day trip within an hour. Finally, a few more tips:


1. When traveling with a group, you can create a ‘Group’ in MyRoute-app, which lets you easily share information ‘remotely’. Click here for a manual.

2. What’s also convenient is that you can simply create an ‘Event’, invite your whole group at once, and you’ll have all the information for the participants in one place. Click here to see the manual.

3. In case you also have time to visit tourist features, add POIs to your route. Click here to see the manual.

4. Your routes will automatically be saved in your profile under Routes. You can create folders and archive your routes. Click here to see the manual.

5. I also put the routes from this trip into a folder, click here to see the routes.

Can not access app from my iPhone. I see the routes I have created on my Mac air but can’t create new route on the phone. Also when I go to off line maps it says I have no internet connection. Which is not true

Dear Ted,

Are you sure you make use of the correct app. There are two MyRouteApp apps for your phone: MyRouteApp Mobile and MyRouteApp Navigation. With MyRouteApp Mobile you have the same functionalities as you have on your computer, there you should be able to create a new route. With MyRouteApp Navigation you can navigate or track routes you have created via MyRouteApp Mobile or web.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support

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