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Share routes, same for TomTom & Garmin!

More and more clubs, associations, travel offices, magazines, bikers, old-timer drivers, rally drivers and cyclists use MyRoute-app for creating and sharing routes. And that's logical, since it's simple to align routes for TomTom and Garmin. Sharing routes through MyRoute-app is maybe slightly different than you’re used to, but believe us, after a short time to get used to it, you won’t want to use anything else!


How do you do that?

It's very simple, here are the steps you should follow:

1. The ‘trip planner’ will create the route in a map of his choice;

2. Compare the route to the route calculation of the other maps;

3. Adapt the route so that the route lines of the different maps are overlapping each other;

4. Share the route link internally using an ‘Event’ or a ‘Group’ in MyRoute-app and/or externally using Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail;

5. The ‘receiver’ of the route clicks on the route link and signs up for free to MyRoute-app in case he wasn't yet signed up;

6. After signing in, the route will be opened in the same map the trip planner used for creating it;

7. The ‘receiver’ can click on export, the connector will be opened after installing it once and then you can choose between TomTom or Garmin gpx 1.1 (or one of the other options);

8. Owners of a new TomTom device can also click on ‘Save as’ and then ‘TomTom MyDrive’;

9. The route in the navigational system of the receiver will be identical to the one of the creator;

10. We advise navigation using the route track, Garmin users can follow this procedure, owners of a new TomTom are advised to export using MyDrive as mentioned in point 8, that way you always end up with a route track.


It's no longer necessary to download routes, save them, convert them and edit them using other programs risking to result in changes to the route. Sharing the route using a link and exporting directly is always good, and if you use the feature ‘compare route to’, you'll always end up with an identical route for TomTom and Garmin. We advise for the ‘trip planner’ to use the Gold features. But basically all the ‘receiver’ needs is a free Basic subscription! This makes it extremely attractive.


Now I can already hear your comment, ‘I don't want to sign up for MyRoute-app’. Here's what we're thinking about that, and we thought this even before MyRoute-app existed; the ‘trip planner’ advises about the best possible procedure. If the ‘receiver’ does not want to follow this procedure, no problem, but then it's not the responsibility of the ‘trip planner’. And what's so annoying about signing up? Most people are already signed up to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Gmail or Hotmail. Just enter a user name and password, and a new world will open up to you!


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