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Welcome to the Idea box

Dear people,

Welcome to the Idea Box. As you may undoubtedly know, as the user, your suggestions and comments are very important to us here at the MyRoute-app. This assists us with growing and improving MyRoute-app. Many updates on MyRoute-app are initiated on the forum by the Suggestion Box by you the user.

If you have a suggestion for MyRoute-app, then you can place it here. Please try to report the following in your message:

- What exactly does the suggestion apply to. For example, this might be regarding a suggestion on the route processor, as well as activities or the making of a group.

- Make the title of your post as clear as possible in order for other users to immediately know what your suggestion is for. This is useful and prevents duplicate suggestions, so that together we can keep the forum organised!

Kind regards,

The MyRoute-app TeamĀ 

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