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Dear people,

At MyRoute-app, we are often busy with updates and the improvement of the MyRoute-app. Sometimes, it may be that something is not working properly, this can be a small problem like changing your profile picture or a slightly bigger issue like exporting your route, which is not working properly.

Of course, we are happy to help you with your problem, and who knows, maybe a MyRoute-app user already has a solution or suggestion for the problem. Please do not hesitate and post it on the forum.

Try to describe your problem as clearly as possible in your post. If you happen to know that it used to work correctly, and that this is a new problem, please state this in your post!
Make your title is as clear as possible so that other users can immediately understand what the problem is and can assist you with it faster! Do not forget to occasionally look around the forum, as you might be able to help a fellow user!


Kind regards,

The MyRoute-app Team

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