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Route recalculating...

Since the latest update, my version has been having huge issues updating the route if you stray off it, (to fill up with petrol for example) and try and get back on the route. Several times I had to shut the app down and restart in order to get it to successfully recalculate. The last time over the weekend, nothing I did got it to successfully finish recalculating. Though I didn’t have an opportunity to renter the route from scratch. We’re not talking about routes with lots of complicated way points etc in either. Just very simple “this is the destination post/zip code, take me there!” Types. Dave

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Good Afternoon Dave, 

Thank you for making your findings known to us. I have forwarded the information from your forumpost to the developers. 

They have informed me that with the latest update you should find a big (positive!) difference with the recalculation of a route. 

It shouldnt 'crash' or fail anymore. 

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this, or something similar! 

I will now close the forumpost to prevent other users from posting comments unrelated to the original message.

Kind regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.