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Text encoding not good for Tomtom


I'm a very happy user of I ride my motorbike using a Tomtom rider 2014.

It is very easy to generate a route and get it into the tomtom in the usual (.itn) format.

Problem is: I travel mostly in Switzerland and Germany, where a lot of names contain the letters "ä", "ö" and "ü". When the itinerary is generated, and tranferred to the tomtom (either using the connector or saving it to the disk and copying manually into the tomtotm) this letters will read crap in the tomtom. Normally as a sequence of 2 -3 characters of no meaning. This is not very nice (although you may still navigate).

Reason is that - in my understanding - generates the .itn file using Unicode UTF-8 text encoding, while tomtom expects the file to be probably in western text encoding (ISO Latin 1 or Windows).

I have a very cumbersome workaround: I save the file on the disk of my Mac, I open the file with Text Wrangler (a text editor available on the app store) and I "Save as" the .itn file into a new one, selecting in the saving options the appropriate text encoding format for the tomtom. This new file is the one that I copy manually in the appropriate folder of the tomtom.

This is really annoying, as normally I happen to refine the road just the night before leaving, quite late, and it is not unusual to make changes four or five times. As tomtom is one of the two major supported platforms, it would be great to have the format fixed.

Thank you and regards.


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Good Afternoon Maurizio, 

Thank you for making this known to us. I have informed the developers about this and they will see if they can resolve the issue. 

I have forwarded the forumpost with my message so they can contact you directly if need be. Also a thank you for the indept description of the problem and even a reason why this is going wrong. Very helpful! :)

In the future if you have a problem like this, specifically meant for the MRA team (since other users won't be able to resolve this problem) feel free to contact me directly by making a ticket! 

I will now close the forumpost to prevent other users from commenting on the forumpost with questions or suggestions not related to the original message. 

Kind Regards,

Anthony Fens

Customer Support MyRoute-app.