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Suddenly all my routes have been converted to use an unwanted Gold Member Map

I have a few routes, all created with the GoogleMaps overlay.  Less than a week ago this was all OK.  I tried to view a route now and a popup appears saying the route was created using a Gold Member Map (it wasn't) and I have to upgrade?  What happened?  Can you reset whatever has gone wrong so I can view the routes again.

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Ooh... I see you suddenly and without notification changed the site so that GoogleMaps is in a Gold Member group... Way to go guys.

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Yes, last night I am happily planning a route in My Route App, as I din't like the new mapping in TYRE, today, suddenly Google Maps is a Gold Member option. When we were advised that TYRE was changing mapping that was because TYRE didn't have a licence, yet we were told MRA was OK, so how come we are now going to have to pay, to get what was free just 24 hours ago? Not impressed.

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They still allow you to save your routes as ITN format or whatever, so you can get the old routes out including waypoints.  This can be converted using ITNConv into a lot of other formats so you should still be able to get them into your device.  As for the future... I don't know.  googlemaps is free to use, so it's odd they removed it.  There is a workaround but its only temporary.

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Thanks but I'm ok with getting the ITN onto my device, it's just the planning of a 30 day tour that now becomes a whole lot harder, having to use GM outside of the planning tool(s). I'd like to log a ticket but it appears you can't even do that without being a gold member either. Time to look for an alternative tool I think. Shame, as I've never used anything other than TYRE up till now.

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Agreed Neill, Tyre "Was"  the best program I have used having used it almost since its inception. So disappointed with whats going on now. The "New" Tyre just is not working and screwing up all of my saved routes. Looks like I'll be going back to the laborious way of calculating routes within my applications until they sort things out.

Extremely disappointed as well.. especially when they never said it would make our existing routes "gold: access only.. anyone have any new info on this?  

I've emailed the MD, Michel van Hagen.

I think it is very simple. 

Google Maps is for Gold members. 

OpenStreetMap is for free basic members. 

If you have made 'old' routes in Google Maps and open the route in OpenStreetMap the waypoints are still the same and you can export the waypoints to TomTom or Garmin.

In MyRoute-app you pay € 29,95 for one year and you have the TomTom en Garmin maps too.

And a lot of other options.

That's the way it is.