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Problems continues

Three days ago I upgraded (or rather tried to uppgrade) to Gold member and yesterday - after I have posted a reminder - the upgrade was activated. The upgrade was two days ago confirmed by three emails, first a message saying that my request for upgrade had been accepted, and also an email stating: “You have transferred the amount of 29.95 EUR to MyRoute-app.” and a email to which was attached an invoice. Yesterday I received another mail, which once again stated that the above mentioned amount had been transferred to MyRoute-app. A little confused by that I checked my credit card and found out that it had been charged with the above mentioned amount twice. And finally(?) today I received an email stating the following: “Unfortunately, the annual subscription payment for your MyRoute-app Gold membership failed. This might be due to an expired credit card. For the time being we have downgraded your Gold account to Basic.” So, to summarize the above: My credit card has been charged twice and I remain a Basic a Member. With reference to the above mentioned, please make a payback of 29.95 EUR to my credit card and activate my Gold Membership again.