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Planning with Tomtom, Journey time changes.

Ok so here is my problem. I'm planning routes ready for a trip next year and I have TT400 so makes sense to plan on that map. First off I've created a route with a few points which lets say is 6hrs 55mins duration. Now because I'm sharing this route with Garmin users I decide to add extra points just to make sure their sat nav follows the same route. As I add points the journey time sometimes changes. This makes planning stops for a large group difficult.

Does Tomtom maps take into account current traffic?

The other problem is I've compared the route with Here and it matches exactly however when I change over to the Here map I get a journey time around 40mins longer, even with seasonal closures off it is the same at 40mins longer. 

So which map is correct? 40mins is quite a big difference.

Ideally I'd like the option to ignore traffic as the current travel conditions mean nothing on a route I'll be using in 9 months time.

Could you please advise.

Thanks, Dave

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Dear Dave,

Thank you for your questions.

The TomTom 400 can take current traffic into account; however, you have to activate this function. 

It is indeed possible that the duration on TomTom maps differs from Garmin maps since it is an estimated duration. Therefore, it is hard to say which one is correct.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering