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around in circles!!

Tried to make a route, but get a section of road that RouteApp refuses to use! Draws a big circle rather than use 50 yards of road. Cannot force the route to be correct, I have had this before in Portugal, not a problem as the TomTom gets it right.

(43.7 KB)

I think I have found the error, this part of the road can be closed due to flooding, so myroute-app does not let you use it. If you enter the route in route-nav it works okay. Can this error be fixed?

Dear John,

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens (it is indeed due to the fact that the road can be closed for several reasons). This problem can be overcome by skipping waypoint 8, the route will then skip the road between waypoint 7 and waypoint 8 and will continue to function normally after that.

You can skip a waypoint by selecting it. Then press the icon with three dots 'more options' and then the icon with the car that drives uphill 'skip'

I hope this answers your question.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support