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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE .. Let my MyRoute Waypoints become Via Points in Garmin

The inability to do this means that I have to replan all my routes on the Garmin once entered.  I use Via points to break a journey into "when will we get there" segments, not just to force the route.  The fact that shaping points do not register on the "distance to via" or "ETA at Via" on the garmin means they lose 85% of their value as waypoints.

Please add this functionality soonest...

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I agree... at the moment, the way points just don't transfer to Garmin, the routs is a correct route, but has only two way points - the start and finish.  This means that at the slightest deviation in route, the Garmin recalculates the best way to the Destination and loses the route you want.  Very frustrating, and it means I still end up using other apps...

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Dear John and Dave,

Thank you for your suggestion.

The waypoints in Garmin are 'soft' waypoints, this means that you do not necessarily have to pass the waypoints. The Garmin will recalculate the route to the next waypoint.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support