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Harley-Davidson Boombox Freezes?

I have a route with 82 way points.  I save it as a Harley .GPX1.1 as the menu allows and load it into my Harley-Davidson 6.5" Boom Box Infotainment System.  When I up load the file, I upload it as a ROUTE.  I tried uploading a TRACK, but the system wouldn't allow it. It gave me a transfer incomplete message.  The ROUTE uploaded.

When  I go to launch the route, the system freezes.  I can't even delete it because the delete icon blinks, but nothing in the system works.  It's frozen.  The ONLY way I've found to get the system back up is to do a reset.  Huge PITA.

I use the H-D Route planning software and that seems to work OK.

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Dear Don,

Thank you for your question.

I made a ticket of this forum topic to better help you with this problem.

Kind regards,


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