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Unable to download routes on TomTom Start 52

Hi Folks,


For many years I used TYRE to download Routes onto my TomTom devices, the latest two were TomTom XL340 and TomTomXXL550.

Never any problem ,simple to use.

Then I wanted to upgrade and bought a TomTom Start52 with the idea to download Routes via my desktop based MyRoute.


Result: Absolute disaster, unable to download Routes from MyRoute to my new TomTom Start52 via the Connector as it kept popping a message saying

“Please check if you have pressed the import routes button on your TomTom Rider device”  (see attached screenshot image)


Obviously the device connected was a TomTom Start52 and not a Rider and on the Start52 is no “import routes” button

Then I tried to download the routes via TYRE on my Start52 device, but TYRE does not even recognize/find this new device, so no luck there.


Tried every possible angle, but no luck, so I got sick of the new TomTom Start52, went back to the store and asked for, and got, a full refund after explaining this device would not connect to either MyRoute or TYRE.


The interesting thing is that with both MyRoute and TYRE I can download routes from both programs onto both of my old TomTom XL-340 and XXL-550 without any problems, but NOT with the new TomTomStart52.


So, the end result is that I am totally disappointed with MyRoute and specifically with the new model TomTom Start 52.


From all the confusing FAQ blogs about TomTom and MyRoutes I understand the Start52 cannot be used to download routes onto the device. Why I still haven’t figured out yet, but the whole experience is a negative one, I am sorry to say.


Did I do something wrong, or is there another explanation ?

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