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V1.8 I have to exit the app to get Night Mode and it doesn't remember the Night Mode On setting.


I always use Night Mode as its easier on my ageing eyes.

The V1.8 Update has a problem with Night Mode.

When I turn it on it doesn't automatically change, I have to minimise/hide the app for it to switch to night mode. Also if I exit the App or switch to another route it always reverts to the Day Mode view!!




Even though it starts in day mode if I click Off and then go back and switch on it will automatically switch to Night Mode without having to exit/hide the app.

V1.7 seemed to remember the Night Mode setting but V1.8 doesn't. It always starts in day mode!!

Dear Steve,

Thank you for addressing this problem.

I made a ticket of this forum topic, we will look into this problem.

Kind regards,


Customer Support