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Payment fails, so I can't upgrade to Gold

 Hi - tried to upgrade to gold.  First tried to pay via CC on Chrome which failed (the Continue button did nothing after entering CC info).  Then tried to pay via Paypal on Chrome, but that failed (after confirming in paypal, it never made it back to myrouteapp).  Then tried paypal via Firefox and had the same issue - never came back to myrouteapp website to show confirmation of payment - and I am still a basic member.  But at least nothing appears to have been charged on either my CC or paypal.

Any ideas?


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Dear Simon,

Thank you for your question.

I made a ticket for your question and assigned it to the right person. He will look for an answer to your question.

Kind regards,


Customer Support

I sent you guys an email as well.  Here's a screenshot of the blank web page that I get after trying to pay through PayPal.  Paypal seems to work correctly, but it fails to come back to the MyRouteApp website for confirmation.


The exact same thing happened to me as with Simon's report. PAYPAL connection did not work.  Came up with blank screen, no confirmation.  It happened twice, and then I went to my  VISA card, and it worked, although I would have much preferred to use PAYPAL.  J. Palmer

Dear John, 

I have made a ticket for your problem. This will help solve your problem quickly.

Kind regards,


Customer Support