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Additional filter for Activities

If you search in activities about travelstories etc. you can use filter country. But if you search for example for Germany, you wil result many travel stories of people who are only crossing Germany to reach destinations in  Austria or other countries, it's not helpful if you really want to see only travel stories of rides in Germany.

Next point: to get information about travels: it's not helpful to see plenty of stories in foreign languages. So, a filter for used language in travelstories will be super helpful!

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Dear Guzzist,

Thank you for your suggestions.

We are currently developing a new version of the route library. This will however not directly solve this problem. 

In the future, and after the launch of the new version of the route library, we will attempt to provide more premium routes that are better suited for your purposes.

Kind regards,

Koen Meijering

Customer Support