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Navigate to next Waypoint

When I go off route the app tries to get route me in circles to the place where I left the route. It also shows two routes when this occurs one for the onward route and another to route back but the instructions are always to go back. It would be very useful if it either just automatically navigated to the next way point or there was a function to tell it to do this or it just carried on with the route once you were back in the planned route.

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Or use track mode so the waypoints are not used. But I don’t see this option.

This would be a good option to have. Basecamp has this facility, you can choose the next waypoint you want to navigate to

MyRouteApp has become my defacto routing and satnav, but agree that the fact that if you miss a waypoint, often through road work diversions the routing insists on taking you back, which is a real pain.  Please can we have option similar to Garmin / BMW Navigator V which allows you to navigate to next waypoint or recognises when you re-join the route being followed and then continues.

I do have a workaround, in that I use a copy of my route to actually navigate from, then if a waypoint is missed I can edit the copy there and then  to remove all previous waypoints I've passed.  It then takes you to the next waypoint.  But doing that by the side of the side when leading a group is something I'd rather avoid.

Other than that, brilliant routing and navigation app.

Agreed, that's the one thing that is stopping me from buying the complete package. Going off route after a detour means I have to stop and look at a map book to find how to get to the next waypoint. Can it be that difficult to get the software to always route to the nearest planned waypoint between your current position and the end point? Good app, but not the finished article yet

to the developers.  when i used a tomtom rider many moons ago there was a very small script which when you missed a waypoint the tomtom would flash up a red dot which when touched would avoid routing back to that waypoint.

i know sounds fairly simple but surely the technology can handle something similar.

Customer support, please see other threads relating to this.

Waypoints rerouting back to missed waypoints also posted by Ray Stafford

Come on chaps please sort this out. It's a long standing feature request - actually an essential requirement

When this happens you can use the "Skip" function.

Press the 3 dot button (Bottom Right) then the Skip button (Top Right) which defaults to 1 but can be set to any number.

In my experience this is usually caused when a waypoint is not actually on the road even though it may look like it is if you are zoomed out a fair amount.

Now every time I create a route I go into full zoom and just cycle through all the waypoints.

I always check that the waypoints are on the road and also on the direction of travel side of a dual carriageway or motorway.    

Thanks for the tip on the 3 dot button will give it a try to see how it works.

But this is a request is add a feature to automatically identify when back on the original route after say an enforced minor detour, or automatically route to next waypoint.  Thus avoiding having to stop, take gloves off and manually adjust on mobile phone.

Thanks Steve. I didn’t know about the skip function. I’ll try it next time I have the problem. It does still mean stopping and taking off your gloves to select though. It would be much better if it happened automatically somehow to always navigate to the next waypoint from wherever you are or to continue the route as soon as you are back on it. The problem is not with placing the waypoint but when you deviate from the planned route (eg when you miss a turning but take another to get you back on the route). At the moment the app always wants you to complete every part of the exact planned route and routes you back to complete the missing section when all you want to do is carry on with the route, particularly when you are back in the route.

+1 for the automated option, totally agree it is a better solution.

You can use the skip option to get a list of the upcoming waypoints and choose which one you want to go to next.  Long pressing the skip button will just skip the next waypoint.

Andy, i don't seem to be able to get a list of upcoming waypoints from the skip option?

Please elaborate.

I'm on V1.0.10

Hi Steve,

I'm guessing you must have a completely different view on iOS than I do on my Android Galaxy S7. I assumed that what I would consider to be basic functionality would be the same on both platforms. I created a composite graphic of some of my screens though to show you what I see:



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