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Planned routes

Hi, just considering to upgrade my free account to a Gold.

I used the MRA to map 3 days of different routes on a trip to Wales recently.

It worked fine.....until we hit a detour.

Is there a way that any planned route that is detoured for road closures, can be set to re-route to the next waypoint to pick up the planned route again?

I have the settings at fastest route, and recalculation set to OFF.

I much prefer MRA to plan routes because Basecamp is so complicated and difficult to use. Having said that though, BC is better if I leave a planned route.

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Steve, without resorting to blowing the dust off Tyre (I keep my copy well dusted...) I think you have two options with MRA:-

1. Download to your Nav VI using the GPX 1.0 option, not the BMW Navigator option. This will make all the points in your route way points rather than shaping points. But be aware that there is a limit of 29 way points in a Garmin route, any more and the route will be split into two when loading it. Not the end of the world, though.

2. Download using the BMW Navigator option then edit the route on the device, and turn the bulk of the shaping points into way points. Easy enough to do, but a PITA.

FWIW, you can save a route to disk locally as a Tyre .trf file. ;-)

Frankly, MRA's recommendation that automatic route recalculation needs to be switched off is daft, IMHO. I would never want to use my device without it recalculating for me when I wander off route for some reason.

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I'm glad it's not just me that has this problem. I'm no technical genius, but its 2019, we do all kinds of things, surely they can rectify this?

What I want, is no matter how many times I leave my planned route, is the unit detects that and sends me back to it. And if it's closer to the next point in the list, send me to that, not the one or two or three that I'd missed.

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Nigel, use the GPX 1.0 download option - see (1) in my reply above. If you go off-route, the route recalculation will take you to the next unvisited way point using a new route calculated as fastest/shortest,. etc., as you have got set in the device for the original route (I generally use fastest)

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Hi Charles.  I have tried that, and for the most part it worked. After purposely going wrong, it first told me to u turn. As I got further away from its next waypoint, it redirected me. I knew the road so knew it had done this correctly.  Brilliant, or so I thought. When I got to the junction to pick up my planned route again, it tried to send me back to the point I'd missed. I clicked the spanner to tell it to skip that point, and it wasn't there. The option to do that was greyed out.

Any ideas?

Spanner? That sounds like Settings from the main menu. I'm not entirely surprised it was grayed out if you were still riding? Buried deep in the menus somewhere is an option to allow you to add buttons to the main navigation/map screen. One of them is 'skip next way point'. That's the one I use. Oh, and in "avoidances", I have U-turns ticked too. 

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Settings-->Map & Vehicle--> Map Buttons.

This is for a BMW Nav V. YMMV for anything else.

Hi Charles, thank you for your patience.  As you can see, once I start a route, it is definitely a spanner in the right bottom corner.


Once I click that, the change route option is greyed out and I can't click on it. In gpx 1.1, I think I was able to cos I have definitely had the option to skip next destination before. It may have been on one I did with Basecamp, I can't recall.


I will make sure the U turn box is ticked in avoidances.

Thanks again

Well, it ain't a Nav V!

However, the skip way point button is there...


Hi Charles and Nigel,

Many thanks for your suggestions. I will try to turn some of the shaping points directly in to Waypoints on the Navigator VI and see how it goes. The other option i was considering is to also mount the TomTom Rider 2 on the bike and use it as a backup but this seems a bit pointless after paying £600+ for the Nav VI!



I feel a complete plank now. I understood that button to do something completely different.

That'll teach me to read the instructions properly instead of skimming over them. Thank you, I will try to use that tomorrow when I'm out.

Cheers Charles

I have the same issue. In the webinars Serge says that we have to save the route as a track in the trip planner. But then you cannot skip a part and easily go to the next way point. Today my route had me cross a  very dangerous road. I went instead to an intersection with a street light and continued on my route. It was silent until I returned to the planned route and then sent me back to my starting point. I retried a few times and went home. People from MyRoute-app should have a solution to this posted in Support. 

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