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Planned routes

Hi, just considering to upgrade my free account to a Gold.

I used the MRA to map 3 days of different routes on a trip to Wales recently.

It worked fine.....until we hit a detour.

Is there a way that any planned route that is detoured for road closures, can be set to re-route to the next waypoint to pick up the planned route again?

I have the settings at fastest route, and recalculation set to OFF.

I much prefer MRA to plan routes because Basecamp is so complicated and difficult to use. Having said that though, BC is better if I leave a planned route.

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Hi John, 

Certainly every time I've used MRA to send it straight to the Garmin is when I've had problems. Using GPX 1.0 instead of 1.1 has given better results, but still not perfect.

The method above is the only way so far, that it has done what I wanted it to do

I also wonder if MRA were to use waypoints AND shaping points as Basecamp does, would it give better results and the desired effect.

Nigel.  I've just played around with a few "routes" that were created at various times in the past and imported into my new Garmin.

Interestingly on one of these if I click the "3 dot" menu bottom right of screen I can "Edit Route" and I see a "skip next shaping point" menu item.  This is active but the "skip next destination" menu item above it is greyed out.

I can't recall exactly how I created the route - using Basecamp, changing points to "do not alert", recalculation, exporting to Garmin most likely but not sure.

This suggests there are "shaping points" on my route but, presumably, no waypoints (Is it the "do not alert" function that removed the waypoints?  I presume so.

Now I have again opened a different route created some time ago and, as above,. can't be totally sure exactly how.  In this case the "Edit Route" menu has "Skip next destination" greyed out.  But also no sign of a "skip next shaping point" menu.

Oh dear.  Think I need to do more reading to understand exactly the difference between "shaping points" and "waypoints".  Also be clear exactly how Basecamp saves/exports a route and the effect of different export formats I guess.  

My hope was that MRA, as an improvement on "Tyre" would simplify things rather than introduce complications.  

I'm not using my Garmin for bike riding but to create routes for towing a caravan.  Diversions and the like are not always kind to me, with a solo car or bike a re-calculated route is fine but Garmin will still try to take me down tiny roads if suggesting an alternative route when a delay is signalled.  I always continue on my planned route for safety but the issues highlighted here regarding missed waypoints/shaping points are a worry.

I'll keep reading and learning.

Nigel - many thanks for posting your experiences and your suggested solution, which I'm certainly going to try. MRA is absolutely great for scenic route planning, but it's extremely frustrating to see weeks of route planning go out of the window when you hit the first road closure and find your carefully planned route is then totally ignored. To me, this defeats the whole object, and in my view resolving this waypoint/shaping point issue should be a top priority for the MRA development team.

My old TomTom Rider was great until it was no longer supported. From various biker forums it appeared that TomTom had lost the plot in terms of motorcylce satnavs, so I bought a Garmin Zumo instead - which I find nowhere near as intuitive as the old TomTom interface. When I first hit this road closure problem, I very nearly threw the Zumo onto the road in frustration!

Thanks again.


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